PayTime Service Charge and Cashbacks

PayTime is an online payment gateway that offers seamless, secure and reliable digital payment services for customers and merchants. Here at PayTime, we value customer satisfaction the most. Our main objective is to make users have access to all kinds of payment options in the palm of their hands minimizing or even eliminating the need to carry cash. With PayTime, we intend to make banking and financial services available to the unbanked and underbanked population of Nepal. Our team of highly motivated individuals are always working towards providing a great value to our users.

PayTime services are available to its users (customers and merchants) 24 hours a day i.e., the system is accessible all the time. Since all of the transactions are systematic, automatic and online no manual intervention is required in the system.

During customer registration and merchant integration, fees shall not be applicable to any parties. Registration process is free of cost for all the users who are willing to join the digital wallet. Similarly, merchants interested to sell their products through PayTime as a payment gateway must integrate their system with the digital wallet. Merchants will not be charged with any type of fees for system integration by Nepal Paytime. Nepal Paytime and Merchant shall bear their system development cost by themselves.

Nepal Paytime has categorized the service charge or fees. There won't be any setup fee and monthly reoccurring fees. Only transactional fees are applicable. All the amounts in this document are in Nepalese Rupees, NPR (NRs.). The description of charges is mentioned below.

(Applicable from Asoj 1, 2078)

Fee and Charges
Transaction amountCharge per transaction
Above 5000025